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Best Headlamp Flashlight For Camping In 2021

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Best Headlamp

Best Headlamps for Hiking & Camping

A headlamp is a more useful thing (some people call it head torch) if not an essential part of anyone’s kit, whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, skiing, camping or at home in the shed and needs hands-free visibility.

Use the best headlamp to assist you to pitch your tent after the sun’s gone down; to make any repairs for your car troubling on the road, hiking along tracks at night or for more tactical applications.

Options range from basic lights with a few settings to multi-featured LED headlamps. These factors should be considered based on your requirements. For what reason you will be using your headlamp? In which environments and for what activities? Can think about the lumens you will need – how bright a light? Run time, power, convenience, price point etc.

These are all worth a little attention so you can find the best head torch for your needs. Also these are the waterproof headlamp which is great.

So, how do you choose?

To give you a steadfast place to start your research about headlamps, we’ve curated our 5 best-selling headlamps.

Brightesh Headlap

Led Lenser H Series

The brightest headlamp

For those who want the best, Led Lenser has come up with the H14R.2. It is Long-lasting, brightest headlamp at 1000 lumens with an Advanced Focus System (AFS). It can be used as a best hiking headlamp.

It has a pivoting head with three light programs and five light functions. It is packed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a 300m beam distance – so this headlamp is a powerful little unit for all kinds of applications.

Concerning the H series popularity, the H7R.2 and H7.2 are also good options after the H14R.2. The main differences amongst the H&R.2 models are rechargeable and feature greater lumens with the tradeoff of a shorter runtime. It is the best rechargeable headlamp in the market.

Ideal for: Users demanding a bright, powerful LED headlamp for tactical or general use.

Black Diamond Spot 350

Black Diamond Spot 350

The best headlamp

While doing car camping or even just digging through a wardrobe, the recently updated features of Black Diamond Spot 350 provides exactly what you need.

It has a brighter beam of light, easy-to-navigate buttons with long-lasting battery life which runs more than 12 hours. It’s in our list of best hiking headlamp.

The Spot has been at the top of our list since 2012 because of its reliability and sufficiently bright light the way in most situations, in both indoors or outdoors.

The renewed 350 model carries the same features we’ve always desired. And it has 25 more lumens than the previous Spot, for a slightly notable boost in brightness.

IPX8: Waterproof headlamp tested to operate at least 1.1 meters underwater for 30 minutes.

Its top buttons are newly designed to make them more spontaneous to use, which is better than a single button on older versions. You’ll still have to try and click through several configurations.

But we think the learning for accessing different modes is fairly quick. The feature of Brightness Memory mode makes you revert to a previous setting whenever you turn on the headlamp.

This model also has a red-light option which is a nice one when you’re switching the lamp on and off at night. With the help of the "proximity” flood-light option, you have a wider beam and more peripheral lighting.

So it’s a great product for camping including strobe options perfect for throwing an emergency signal in the dark. Being about 3-ounce, Spot 350 locks and is weatherproof. With one touch, its PowerTap technology allows you to transition this headlamp from full power to dim.

Though there are many models in the market with brighter and higher-quality beams. But no one offered the same combination of decent brightness, simplicity and reliability at such a low price.

LED Headlamp

Vitchelo V800

Cheap but reliable

The Vitchelo V800 remains a good, low-cost choice and is also waterproof headlamp. To make easy toggling between the red and white light settings, there are two separate buttons.

We liked the comfortable head strap also. That said, we wish the light were a little more brighter which is only 168 lumens and that it had a longer battery life (V800 dimmed after just four hours of use).

This headlamp also has less features and it lacks the memory and locking modes. Even though, this headlamp performed as well as competitors that were many times the price.

If you need a low-cost LED headlamp for completing around-the-house tasks, walking out into the yard at night, or taking your dog on evening walks, this is a good option.

Rechargeable Headlamp

Petzl Actik Core

A rechargeable option

The Petzl Actik Core must be the best option for outdoor explorers backpackers and anyone who wants a headlamp with charging options using both USB and batteries.

It’s long-lasting, simple to use and weighs under 3 ounces (slightly less than the Black Diamond Spot 350). The Actik Core’s 450-lumen light was also the brightest compared to others and had the best optical quality.

This is one of the best rechargeable headlamp. This model recharges speedily and smoothly, which is the best feature if you want to utilize the light on your way to the trail.

Rechargeable devices can be more beneficial during travelling with a battery pack (you accumulate somewhat less battery waste over time, and the charge lasts for more than 16 hours).

The Actik Core is also effective, if you don’t own a USB source handy, you have the advantage to run the headlamp on three AAA batteries also. Some of the things we liked less. First, there’s no floodlight feature (which is good for camping) and the weatherproof rating of Actik Core is lower than expected.

This model can only handle splashes, Compared to the Spot 350, which can prevent being submerged underwater.

Waterproof Headlamp

Black Diamond Sprinter 275

For runners

After testing so many, yet we unable found a headlamp for runners with a head strap or harness, a taillight that won’t bounce off when you run that’s lightweight, secure and bright.

But the newly updated Black Diamond Sprinter 275 remains in our best-in-class spot, at least until something better comes along. The Black Diamond headlamp series are known for their best features.

The Sprinter has a brightness of 275-lumen to the front light that gives nice trail lighting during our long nighttime running or walking in an urban.

It is required to charge the headlamp after few days, but it can be used for 13-plus hours without any problem. Also, you can use AAA batteries if you have them.

After testing some other running models, the Sprinter gains a few wins. Its strap is convenient and easily adjustable to keeps the lamp secured to your head while running.

It weighs 4 ounces which is a little more than the Spot 350, but do not feel heavy. Also, the rear blinker contributes an important safety element.

But we do wish if it had a lockout mode, however, to prevent the light from turning ON in the bag.

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